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Apple Starts to Sell Refurbished iPhones

I can still remember my first iPhone. In fact, I don’t have to remember too many things about it, because I still have it. And last time I checked it, it was well and alive. Sure, it started to run slower and slower as I installed newer and newer versions of iOS on it, but what could you expect from an ancient iPhone 3GS model?

Apple sells expensive phones, anyone knows that. But the good news is that the company started to sell refurbished iPhones a few days ago.


So if you are interested in saving $100 or so, you can purchase an iPhone 6S or an iPhone 6S Plus at a price that ranges from $449 to $589. You’re saving about 15% off the retail price, and you are also getting the standard one year warranty from Apple.


Vivo X9 and Vivo X9 Plus Will be Launched in November

Vivo, one of the top Chinese smartphone manufacturers, has recently announced that it will launch two new phones in November. So what’s so special about these phones, you may wonder? For starters, they will feature a dual camera setup on their front, and this is a unique feature indeed.

Then, the Vivo X9 with sport a full metal body, with an antenna that’s going to be similar with what Apple has invented a few years ago. Another unique feature is the extra thin bezel, which will have a width of under 0.1 inches – how cool is that?

The display will be protected by a layer of world-famous Corning Gorrilla Glass 5. The phone will also include a USB Type-C port and – thank you, Vivo! – a standard 3.5 audio jack.

The Vivo X9 Plus phone will have a dual camera setup on its back as well. The memory will be boosted from 4 to 6 GB for this model.

It’s an exciting news, and I look forward to seeing how will this phone look like. It could be the first one that makes the transition to an era of bezel-less phones.


Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro In-Ear Headphones Launched

Xiaomi, another important Chinese company, has created an impressive pair of in-ear headphones that aren’t expensive at all. Named Piston 3 Pro, the earphones will be shipped with four different pairs of earplugs and a travel bag, and they will only cost $22.

The earphones come with in-line switches that can play, pause, or change the current music track. They have a 4.1 feet tangle-free cable, which should be long enough for most people’s needs.


According to the manufacturer, these headphones will only weigh 0.037 pounds – that’s not an error! – and they’ll have a frequency range that starts at 20 Hz and ends at 40 kHz. I don’t know about you, but this is a pair of headphones that I look forward to testing.